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Shock devices & handling: dual shock collar
Shock devices & handling: dual shock collar
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Please be careful with the application of electro-shocks on the neck, often less is more! Familiarize yourself with the operation of your device and adjust the intensity to your playing partner.

Scope of delivery

The matching shock devices are not included in the scope of delivery. The devices can also not be purchased separately from us.

  • Collar

  • Keys

Buy devices

You can order the devices via the following links:

Please note that the shock devices are illegal in some countries. Please check the local regulations in advance.

How to: mounting the devices

Remove the lock from the lock pin and pull out the tether.

Pull the lock pin out of the tether and pass it through the two loops on the device.

Replace the lock pin and slide it through the eyelet from behind and reattach the lock.

Devices function

Most devices have three different modes:

  • Acoustic peep signal

  • Vibration

  • Electric shock

Remote control

With the above devices, you can use one remote to control both shock devices at the same time.

The pairing with the remote control usually works by long pressing the on/off switch on the receiver (for more detailed information, please refer to the operating instructions). As soon as both receivers are paired correctly, both devices trigger the selected signal (acoustic signal, vibration, electric shock) simultaneously.

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